Best of Belfast Chef Demo: Buba’s Gerard Doran

23rd February 2019, 12.00pm - 1.30pm

St George's Market

Dish: Roast Carrots, Hummus, Confit Tomato & Chermoula plus Stuffed Bell Pepper, Fruit & Nut Quinoa, Cherry Tomato & Coriander Sauce Gerard Doran: "A native of Newcastle, Co Down, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love food and cooking; whether helping my granny or my parents prepare meals at home, or taking a keen interest in the chefs at the bar my father managed. It seemed hospitality just ran in my blood. So at 16 I left school behind and enrolled into the Southern Regional College in Newry to learn my trade. Upon graduation I moved to Belfast, to take up employment in my new career, for which I still have a limitless passion. I have worked in Belfast for about 14 years, and have had the good fortune to work within some of the best Restaurants, and under some of the finest chefs Northern Ireland has had to offer. Throughout my career I have worked at all different levels, and like all chefs I started at the bottom and worked hard to prove myself. I am always striving to expand my culinary knowledge and improve my repertoire. Having experienced many different varieties of cuisine, I always find myself drawn back to the Mediterranean. I believe, that because of the many and varied countries, cultures, empires and history that have influenced this region, it has the most diverse and exciting food. In January 2018 Buba was opened by the brilliant minds behind Coppi; and I, fortunate as I am, was given the position of head chef. I hope that with all the skills and styles I have learnt throughout my years as a chef, I will bring Buba’s signature dish, ‘Spiced Lamb with Harrisa Sauce, House Sauce and Lemon Yoghurt’, to life as the flavour experience it is intended to be. I believe in flavoursome cuisine; made simply, with the best, freshest, highest quality products. It is a large part of my job to source locally sourced ingredients, and luckily for me, as a small nation we pack one hell of a punch with our produce."